Many expatriates and their employers in the Caribbean can turn to Expat Financial, which has experience in sourcing international insurance plans from well-known and secure international insurance providers. The Caribbean is a vast and emerging economic zone with vibrant cultures, beautiful beaches, exciting people and growing economies. We will provide you with detailed information on each country in the Caribbean.

Healthcare in the Caribbean

The health systems in the Caribbean range from extremely poor to excellent, but most expatriates and short term visitors to the islands will want to seek medical treatment outside their country of residence as serious medical conditions usually necessitate a visit or evacuation to the United States. Obtaining a plan that covers you for evacuation and medical treatment in the USA is vital.

International Insurance for Expat in Caribbean

Our firm is very experienced in sourcing international insurance plans for expats in the Caribbean region. We have become a key resource for Caribbean expat health plans. Expat Financial can obtain insurance coverage for some local nationals in many Caribbean nations and islands, especially for travel and global medical coverage. If you are living in the Caribbean, then Expat Financial is your one stop resource for:

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