International Health Insurance QuoteAndorra is a landlocked microstate situated between France and Spain. With a population of 85,000 residents and 10.2 million visitors annually, Andorra’s GDP relies mostly on its tourism industry. The country consists of mostly an alpine climate, which makes Andorra an excellent destination for anybody interested in Winter sports.

Healthcare in Andorra

Although Andorra has a publicly funded healthcare system, it only covers citizens of Andorra. Tourists and other residents living in the country must acquire full private health insurance. Because of the size of the country, and its relationship with Spain and France, evacuation coverage may also be an option. To know about healthcare system in Andorra check out our healthcare region page.

Andorra Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expat in Andorra

If an expatriate is covered by the local system in Andorra, there may be no need for international health coverage unless the expat wants to be able to seek medical treatment back home or abroad. Some firms will still place their expats under an expat health plan.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Andorra:

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