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International Hospitals for Expatriates by Region

We have put together a listing of the major hospitals and clinics by region for expatriates, global nomads and international travelers. Note that we do not list all the hospitals and doctors that are available to expats, just a listing of up to five hospitals per country. In some countries where there are simply hundreds or thousands of hospitals and clinics, we will refer you to your international health insurance provider, embassy list or recommend a Google search.

Note that we do not recommend or vouch for these medical clinics or hospitals, but are only providing a partial list of a few key medical centres that we have gathered to assist people living abroad. We strongly recommend that everyone follow their doctor’s advice and not delay obtaining medical assistance.

Expat Health Claim

Obtaining Global Medical Care and Insurance Coverage

Note that it is vital that you obtain medical insurance coverage as soon as possible. We have a wide array of international medical plans from several reputable providers. You can even obtain a quote and apply online. Once you are a client and have paid the premium to the insurance company directly, you can then access a list of the medical doctors, clinics and hospitals that are in their global medical network. If the hospital is outside their network, you can often obtain a guarantee of payment if you contact the insurer or assistance provider. It is critical that you call the insurer as soon as you require medical care and provide the medical center with your medical card and policy number.