Malawi Expatriate Guide & Insurance Options

Malawi is often considered the “Warm Heart of Africa”. It is a landlocked country located in Zambia’s southeast and Mozambique’s north, northeast, and northwest. With Malawi’s both on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Malawi is renowned for its natural beauty, especially with the Lake Malawi National Park and Chongoni Rock Art Area.

Malawi is quite hot in the south and temperate in the north. The economy is mostly made up of farming. Most foreign aid has dropped because of concerns of corruption. Also, foreign investment in the country has fallen, which has made it increasingly more difficult for the country to pay for imports and to grow its economy. The Malawian health care system is quite rudimentary and most expatriates will want to seek medical care outside the country.

Insurance Plans for Expats in Malawi

Our firm is very experienced in covering expats in all countries in Africa, including Malawi. Our experienced staff has the necessary knowledge to provide you with complete insurance coverage that will protect your expat staff who are posted to Malawi and nearby African countries.

We can examine your insurance needs for Malawi and help you decide on the coverage that is required. We have a great deal of experience in sourcing insurance for expatriates and even some local nationals in Africa.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Malawi:

If you require a quote for Malawi insurance, contact Expat Financial today for a quote. Please send along any relevant risk information that may be available.