Lima is the capital and historical city of Peru. The city is also a major financial centre in latin America. The climate is mild and humid.

1. Dinning

A common breakfast for Peruvians is quinoa, cooked down to a porridge. Other special dishes includes Ceviche, sushi-grade fish, with citrus juice, fresh herbs and chili peppers.

2. Shopping

Expats may find jewelry, hand carvings, ceramics, antiques, and woolen goods sell at reasonable price here in Lima. Leather goods are also great for souvenirs.

3. Healthcare

Both public healthcare and private facilities are available in Lima. And can be expected as good quality and affordable. However, it is advised for expats to have international health insurance before they are moving to Lima.

4. Insurance for Expatriates in Lima

Most expatriates will want to obtain international medical coverage if residing in Lima. Medical evacuation is recommended along with a plan that provided global medical treatment. A plan that will provide reimbursement for medical expenses via a large network of hospitals is recommended. Many expats should also obtain global life and disability insurance coverage.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Lima: