Obtain valuable information on working and living abroad around the world. We offer vital information for expatriates and local nationals in numerous regions, countries and even major cities around the world.
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You’re off to live in a new country for the first time in your life and you could not be more exited. Moving abroad is an incredible opportunity, but be prepared to face some challenges such as healthy and well-being. Read more

When considering a move to a new country, there is nothing more useful than hearing genuine stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. Read more

Finding adequate medical care while abroad is crucial during an emergency. We have created a list of hospitals by country to facilitate your search in finding appropriate medical care while abroad. Read more

Learn how the different healthcare systems function for expatriates by region and country. Learn how to find healthcare in your expat destination along with the international health insurance options in your country of residence. Read more

Expatriate Resource Center

We offer excellent information for individual expatriates and their employers

Moving abroad is a very exciting, but also a stressful time for future expatriates. And when you land in your host country, expect to be faced with many changes, culture shock and opportunities for exploration and making new friends and connections. We realize this and have tried to put together a treasure trove of information that expats want and need.

Insurance Advice for Expats

Yes, as you would expect you can obtain excellent international insurance advice if you live abroad, are about to move overseas or you are a local national who wants international health insurance. We offer a variety of global insurance plans that can meet the needs of most expatriates. We can source plans that can meet almost any budget or requirement based on your needs. We are especially adept at helping people who are retiring abroad. Most of the plans we offer can be purchased online via our web site or you can contact us for more information. You can even visit our international health insurance page where we provide detailed and unbiased information on how international health plans work – including info on maternity coverage, covering pre-existing medical conditions, coverage for seniors and much more at our Expat Health Insurance Information Page. The new Healthcare by Region for Expats provides some great country and region specific information for expatriates living abroad.

Expat Employers

If your company, organization or government employs expatriates, we have published many articles on international group insurance and can help your firm obtain quotes from the marketplace after examining your needs. Please contact us today to discuss your international benefit requirements.