Oceania Insurance & Country GuidesOceania Insurance & Country Guides

Expat Financial has extensive experience in obtaining insurance coverage for expatriates and some local nationals in the Oceania region. We gather some important information on Oceania insurance & country guides for Expats.  We also work with well-known global insurance companies which can provide expatriate group insurance plans for foreign companies operating in different nations in the South Pacific region. If your company is operating in the Oceanic region or if you are an expat there, then Expat Financial is your one-stop resource for:

If you are searching for an introductory list of hospitals in the Oceania region, click here 

Our firm can also source global medical coverage for some local nationals in select countries that will offer global access to medical treatment. Please click on one of the countries in the Oceanic regions for important information on the country, its healthcare system and the plans that may be available there: