Jamaica healthcare system

Jamaica is a large island below Cuba in the Caribbean that is known for its beautiful beaches, lively people and reggae culture. The country is fully independent, but still part of the British Commonwealth. It is a fully democratic country with a rich history but has experienced high levels of violence and unrest, especially in the poorer sections of the country and in the capital city Kingston. The country has a high level of crime and expatriates and travellers should take adequate precautions when travelling to Jamaica, especially if venturing outside resort areas.

Healthcare in Jamaica

While the government of Jamaica continues to work hard to address the healthcare of the general population, hospital and medical infrastructure is not very advanced. Comprehensive medical care is mostly only available in Kingston. While there are many hospitals and clinics on the island, most are lacking with respect to quality. There are private medical facilities that tourists and expats can access, but any serious medical emergency or long term illness should be treated off the island. To know about healthcare system in Jamaica check out our healthcare region page.

Jamaica Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expat in Jamaica

There are local health insurance providers for local nationals and some expatriates in Jamaica, However, if you want a comprehensive international medical plan that will not only cover medical treatment in Jamaica but also outside of the island, it is key that expatriates contact Expat Financial to discuss their needs. With the country’s proximity to the USA, it is also advisable to get a plan that covers medical treatment in the USA and Canada. Any serious medical injuries or illnesses may require medical treatment off the island, so medical evacuation coverage is extremely vital. Most expats will seek medical treatment in Florida if the services in Jamaica are not up to the task.

Here is a list of different types of Jamaica expat insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Jamaica:

If you require a quote for insurance coverage for expats in Jamaica, contact Expat Financial today for a quote. Some global medical plans are available to local nationals. We look forward to being of service.