Cyprus is an eastern Mediterranean island country off the coast of Turkey. The country is rich in Greek history and culture –being the legendary birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love: Aphrodite. Today the country is divided into two regional districts –The Republic of Cyprus and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The country houses a large number of foreign residents, with visitors and migrants coming from Greece, the United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, the Philippines, Russia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Syria, and India. This may be in part due to recent massive growth in the island’s tourism industry.

Healthcare in Cyprus

Medical care for expats in Cyprus is readily available within most parts of the island. However, the southern part of Cyprus has more facilities and better-trained staff. Even though services in Northern Cyprus are improving, the World Health Organization considers Cyprus to be among the healthiest countries in the Mediterranean. To know about healthcare system in Cyprus check out our healthcare region page.

Cyprus Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expats & Global Nomads in Cyprus

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Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become a Cyprus expat.

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