Eritrea expat insurance

Eritrea expat insurance plans


Expat Financial’s global insurance experts can provide specialist advice for companies and organizations which are sending employees to Eritrea. Eritrea borders some high-risk countries such as Sudan and Ethiopia. These border areas are subject to sudden conflicts and violence. Eritrea remained one of the poorest countries in the world with more than half surviving on less than USD$1 per day. Eritrea is blessed with mineral resources which resource companies are exploiting.

Healthcare in Eritrea

The healthcare system in Eritrea remains one of the least developed in the world. While the government spends over 5% of the GDP on healthcare, the health outcomes for the population are still low. Malaria control is a priority for the government along with reducing HIV/AIDs rates, which are actually quite low for the region. The healthcare facilities in Eritrea include medical clinics and hospitals, especially in the capital. However, the health system in Eritrea is well below western standards and modern facilities are generally not available. For visitors and expatriates located in Eritrea, it is vital that they obtain Eritrea expat insurance plans that will allow for medical treatment abroad. Emergency medical evacuation coverage is also vital.

Eritrea Expat Insurance Plans

Expat Financial has had extensive experience in sourcing coverage for companiesNGOs and individuals operating in Africa – including Eritrea.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you or your organization is planning work or reside in Eritrea:

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