Europe is a large continent that makes up the majority of the western peninsula of Eurasia. The continent has played and continues to play a significant role in world affairs, including the world’s economy, culture, and political affairs. Europe contains a diverse culture and a very developed economy, especially in the northern regions. The European Union has helped unite Europe’s economies and political structures after hundreds of years of conflict.

We are finding that the European Union has become a major destination for retired expatriates, global nomads and digital nomads, especially after the pandemic. Many EU zone countries are attracting retired expatriates with golden visas and much more.

Healthcare in Europe

Most of the healthcare in Europe is delivered and maintained by each nation’s government, which offers healthcare to local nationals on a public and universal basis. The delivery of medical care can come from both public and private sectors. The level of medical care in most of Europe is world-class in almost all nations on the continent. We have an extensive list of European hospitals that global citizens can examine.

Top Five Questions for European Expat Health Insurance

  • Is local healthcare available, and are you eligible? If not, when?
  • Do you require expat health coverage to satisfy your European visa?
  • Is the local network of hospitals part of your international health plan?
  • Will the expat healthcare cover you for life?
  • What level of medical coverage and treatment is available for your European destination country?

Insurance for Expatriates in Europe

Expat Financial has extensive experience in obtaining insurance coverage for expatriates and some local nationals in Europe. We also work with large global insurance companies which can provide expatriate group insurance plans for foreign companies operating in most European countries.

Europe is a vibrant economic zone with vibrant cultures, people and growing economies. Expat Financial has worked with European expatriates for many years, and we can source both European and American expatriate health insurance plans for expats in European countries. Some plans are even available to local nationals in Europe where permitted.

Our travel medical insurance plans are quite popular with European nationals. If you are residing in Europe, then Expat Financial is your one-stop resource for:

If you are searching for an introductory list of hospitals in the European region, click HERE.

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