The newly independent country of South Sudan is already reeling from a corrupt government and the country is still a highly risky place to live after decades of war with Khartoum. South Sudan’s economic future is uncertain as disputes between Sudan and rebels are still tense. The fledgling oil industry of South Sudan has yet to start up because of these political struggles.

South Sudan Healthcare System

We are able to source South Sudan insurance plans that include war and terrorism coverage that is essential for any foreign company or individual operating in South Sudan today. Our underwriters in London are very experienced Lloyds of London underwriters who will shop your risk to the various syndicates and report back with the best possible quote. We are also able to source group plans which can include coverage for war and terrorism. To know about healthcare system in South Sudan check out our healthcare region page.

South Sudan Insurance Plans

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Iraq:

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