East Timor Expat Insurance

International Health Insurance QuoteWith a history of colonization, war and poor living conditions, in recent years East Timor has taken steps to improve its healthcare and economy. After achieving independence in 2002, the progress has been supported by the United Nations. East Timor has become known worldwide for its rapid growth in the petroleum industry, as more than half of its economy relies on crude oil and gas. Although much of the country is still recovering from poverty, the country is now recognized for its beautiful beaches, rolling mountain ranges and interesting people.

Healthcare in East Timor

Most healthcare facilities in East Timor are severely outdated and lack basic sanitation standards expected in the Western hospitals –especially outside of Dili. Hospital staff are mostly untrained and emergency services are rather limited and slow. Most expatriates usually leave the country for even the simplest medical procedures.

Insurance for Expatriates in East Timor

Most expatriates will want to obtain international medical coverage if residing in East Timor. Medical evacuation is recommended along with a plan that provides global medical treatment. A plan that will provide reimbursement for medical expenses via a large network of hospitals is recommended. Many expats should also obtain global life and disability insurance coverage.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in East Timor:

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