Oslo Expat Guide & Insurance Options

International Health Insurance QuoteOslo is the capital city of Norway, also known as one of the wealthiest cities in Europe due to its oil industry. In recent years, Oslo is constantly expanding and developing, with glass-covered skyscrapers and new subway, while preserving citywide green spaces and museums. Norway is known for its high-quality seafood and rich beer traditions.

1. Dining in Oslo

Norway has everyday must-have dishes such as lamb stew with cabbage, large meatballs, and steamed salmon. To many visitors, the culinary choices range from fresh fish and seafood specialty with classic Norwegian food to modern pure Norwegian cuisine. You can also taste the innovative “raw food” at Oslo, which is a healthy and creative way to cook food at low temperatures.

2. Shopping in Oslo

Oslo is a city with magic. No matter you go for art glass, ceramics, silver jewellery or fine clothing, Oslo is the place. It has a traditional handicraft store, stylish shopping gallery and lots of vintage design stores. You will be amazed by the creativity and the large selection of fine goods.

3. Healthcare in Oslo

The quality of the healthcare system in Norway is high. Public and private medical services in Oslo are both available to expats. However, private healthcare is faster, with shorter waiting time and emergency walk-in services, which is usually more expensive and not covered under the state-run health system. To obtain the best healthcare available, expats would want to have an international health insurance plan.

4. Insurance for Expatriates in Oslo 

Most expatriates will want to obtain international medical coverage if residing in Oslo. Medical evacuation is recommended along with a plan that provided global medical treatment. A plan that will provide reimbursement for medical expenses via a large network of hospitals is recommended. Many expats should also obtain global life and disability insurance coverage.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Oslo:

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