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International Health Insurance QuoteNigeria is seen as a high risk region due to rising economic, cultural and faith-based turmoil. The vast oil resources of Nigeria account for much of the country’s domestic product, but Nigeria continues to be ranked among the poorest countries in the world. Unfortunately, civil strife has spread past the Delta area as hostile have been factions vying for control of the country’s rich oil resources. The capital Abuja has remained largely unaffected to an extent, but the situation in Lagos is less clear.

Crime has heightened and security is lacking in the conflict. Piracy and kidnapping have also become a very real threat. The terrorist group Boko Haram has been very active in the North of Nigeria and have engaged in bombings, attacks and kidnapping. There has also been pirate attacks off the coast of Nigeria, especially near shipping and oil rigs. The areas that border Cameroon are also unstable and subject to conflict. If you are visiting or residing in Nigeria, you should take precautions and follow your government’s warnings and advice – including obtaining international health insurance.

Safety & Security

According to Government of Canada travel advisories, there is a high degree of terrorism in the northern states in Nigeria. The extremist group Boko Haram, reports show that attacks regularly result in significant loss of life and injuries. There is also an increased risk of foreign nationals being kidnapped in some northern states. Expats and travellers visiting Nigeria should stay in secure, guarded accommodations and maintain a high level of personal security awareness at all times.

Nigeria Insurance Plans

Healthcare in Nigeria

Nigeria’s public health care system has deteriorated because of a lack of resources, neglect and also a lack of Nigerian doctors and trained medical staff, many of whom have been leaving the country. HIV/AIDS and Malaria continue to be a problem for NigeriansNigeria created the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for most government employees and some other sectors, but health coverage is also provided by private insurers.  Over the years the quality of healthcare has eroded. The Nigerian government is taking steps to improve the health of its citizens, especially for supplying vaccinations and other public health initiatives. The state of many of the country’s medical facilities is poor, but some private hospitals in the major cities such as Lagos and Abuja are able to deliver very good medical care. One such facility is the Reddington Hospital and another is the ISOS medical clinic in Lagos. Note that a serious injury or illness for an expatriate will often require medical evacuation to South Africa or Europe, so medical evacuation insurance for Nigeria is vital.

Insurance Plans for Expatriates and Local Nationals in Nigeria

Expat Financial, a division of  TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd, has a wealth of experience in covering expatriate employees in Nigeria. Our staff has the necessary knowledge to provide you with complete insurance coverage that will protect your expat staff who are posted to Nigeria and other African countries. Because of the high threat of terrorism in Nigeria, it is recommended that you obtain a plan that will not exclude terrorism. Our firm can obtain war risk coverage for expats in Nigeria.

Our firm can also source international health insurance plans to select local Nigerians in Nigeria on an individual or group basis – please contact us to discuss. Expat Financial is a key resource for Nigeria expat insurance.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Nigeria:

Contact Expat Financial today for a more in-depth examination of Nigeria’s current political situation and what plans we can offer you. We have a great deal of experience in sourcing insurance for expatriates and even some local nationals in Nigeria.