Kyrgyzstan Expat Insurance

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country bordered by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. Many expatriates are relocating to Kyrgyzstan in order to work within their oil, gas, and gold mining sectors. Overcoming many political reforms in the last few decades, Kyrgyzstan is beginning to attract more expatriates for relocation.

Healthcare in Kyrgyzstan

The healthcare system in Kyrgyzstan is constantly struggling to remain adequate. Throughout the country, they have suffered from country-wide shortages of health professionals and medicine, as they are required to import nearly all of their pharmaceuticals; rendering access to medicine quite difficult.

As an expatriate living in Kyrgyzstan, it is very important to obtain global health insurance in order to cover your medical needs. Whether you require private healthcare, although they are limited, or medical evacuation to relocate you for your needs, international healthcare insurance will be crucial.

Insurance options available for expatriates in Kyrgyzstan

If you reside in Kyrgyzstan, it is vital that you obtain adequate Kyrgyzstan expat insurance coverage. Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to travel to Kyrgyzstan:

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