Afghanistan Insurance

The war-torn lands of Afghanistan are still a dangerous place to traverse for expatriates and expat employers. It is vital that you make sure that you are covered for possible terrorist threats, whether you are working in the capital city Kabul or elsewhere. Kidnapping from groups such as the Taliban or basic outlaws is very real risks. Luckily our firm is extremely experienced in covering employees sent to work in Afghanistan from international companies and organizations.

Healthcare System in Afghanistan

Basic health care in Afghanistan and coverage for its citizens is still lacking. This is especially the case in areas that are being impacted by violence and terrorism. Many locals avoid medical clinics because of the poor quality of care that is delivered. Improving medical care for the poorest Afghans is a priority for many NGOs. For expatriates in Afghanistan, there are some medical clinics and facilities that can offer decent medical care, but it is critical that Westerners obtain global health coverage that contains emergency medical evacuation coverage to the nearest centre of medical excellence – such as the UAE. It is also important to make sure your international health plan covers passive war and terrorism.Afghanistan_Vector_Map_Banner


Insurance Plans for Afghanistan

Expat Financial has a great deal of experience in covering expatriate employees in Afghanistan and help inform you of the possible hazards you may encounter while living in Afghanistan. Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate or travel in Afghanistan:

If you require a quote for Afghan insurance, contact Expat Financial today for a quote. We can also search the market for insurance plans for local nationals in Afghanistan. Please send along any relevant risk information that may be available.

Please send along any relevant risk information that may be available.