Special Risk Insurance

Expat Financial is very experienced in covering individuals and companies with employees in the most difficult and risky countries in the world. We work with non-governmental (NGO) and multinational firms to protect their employees and even projects with innovative and unique insurance solutions that are specially designed for the countries that they operate in. Through our parent company, TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., we have become a leader in sourcing special risk life insurance plans while providing professional, prompt and focused service to our clients for high risk regions.

Note that we do not provide general liability, political risk or property types of coverage. Our special risk plans encompass kidnap and AD&D coverage plans. These can also include global medical, business travel and life insurance for employees working in high-risk countries and regions.

High Risk Regions

Companies are continually focused on opening up new markets and exploring resources in regions of the world that have very unstable local governments or are experiencing conflicts. Our company is very used to working with companies and aid groups which operate in high risk countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, EritreaSomalia and Yemen. The plans that we can source can provide full coverage for war and terrorism risks. We can also source kidnap and ransom insurance for expatriate employers.

If your company or organization is operating in a high or special risk region, we can discuss your requirements and work with our global insurance partners to find the special risk life insurance or right insurance solutions to meet your needs, including plans that provide full cover for war, riot and terrorism risks. Our parent company is a Lloyds of London appointed agent and works with its underwriters in London to source coverage from the various Lloyds syndicates. Our company has sourced coverage for security firms, resource company workers and aid groups operating in very challenging countries.