With its war-torn past, Serbia has emerged with a developing economy in agriculture, metals, and energy. Although ethnic disputes still occur within the area, Serbia has taken steps to improve standards of living. Serbia is in talks to join the European Union as of January 2014.

Healthcare in Serbia

While there are many competent doctors and physicians practicing in Serbia, facilities and supplies are limited. Hospitals and clinics exist in most cities and towns in the nation, but conditions in most facilities are rudimentary and some require up-front cash payment. Most prescription medicine is available, but the quality may vary. In the case of an emergency, it might be best to evacuate to a better-equipped country, especially since healthcare in the country has been severely underfunded. To know about healthcare system in Serbia check out our healthcare region page.

Serbia Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expatriates in Serbia

If you are an expat permanently residing in Serbia it is vital that you talk to Expat Financial about your international insurance requirements, especially for international health insurance coverage. Please find below a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Serbia:

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