International group insurance

Expat Financial offers international group insurance plans for expatriate employees. We source expatriate group insurance plans for expat employers from around the world. Our firm work with multinationals, NGOs and governments which have groups of 3 to 1000 expatriate employees posted overseas. We offer a variety of international employee benefit plans to meet almost any budget.

We are a leading source of group international health insurance plans with global health insurance coverage from various insurers offering the best in international health insurance. We can also source special risk plans that include war and terrorism insurance.

We are also a major provider of international insurance solutions to companies across many sectors of the economy and regions of the world. You can also learn why an international group insurance plan is superior to placing your expat employees on domestic policies.

Expat Financial offers a wide range of expatriate group health insurance plans designed specifically for any expatriates of any nationality around the world. Some of the insurers we represent have health insurance plans that can also cover local nationals where conditions permit. We are not tied to any insurance company as we are accountable to you, the client. Our firm is compensated by the expat insurance company that you choose or we are able to work on a consulting basis.

Expat Financial searches the marketplace to supply quality expat group insurance plans that fit a company’s needs and budget. You can contact us to review your global mobility insurance, international employee benefits needs.

Please contact us today to discuss your company or organization’s international health insurance for employers requirements.

corporate solutions

Expat Financial / TFG Global Corporate Brochure

A fourteen page brochure detailing the services that TFG Global and Expat Financial  have to offer, matching you or your organization  with the right global insurance plan.
  • Expatriate Group Employee Benefits

    Expatriate group insurance plans are available for companies with a minimum of three employees working outside their country of residence. This is a unique and natural extension of our extensive work with clients in employee benefits.

  • The benefits of an international group insurance plan

    With a group of expatriate employees, your organization can pool your risk and they should be savings and benefits for both the employer and employees of an international group insurance plan. We have compiled reasons why any international employer will want to set up a group benefit program for its international employees.

  • Group Travel Medical Insurance Plans

    Provide peace of mind to your employees who are traveling outside their country of residence with worldwide medical insurance coverage for your mobile workforce. Expat Financial can source group business travel medical insurance plans to cover employees who are traveling abroad for business. The plans can also extend to pleasure travel and even cover the dependents.

  • International Group Pension Plans

    An international pension program involves a defined contribution plan that combines investment, administration and trust services that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our firm can search the market for the most suitable expat pension plan for your company and employees.

  • International Insurance Consulting

    We can provide insurance consulting services to many clients around the world. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge in international insurance needs and marketing and have been in the global insurance business since 1999.

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

    We can source evacuation insurance and agreements from a variety of evacuation providers which have the resources, experience and capabilities that are required to assist your employees in need.

  • Expat Insurance Plans by Sector

    We have a great deal of experience in sourcing global  insurance plans for expatriate employers across several sectors of the economy. The staff at Expat Financial have worked hard to understand the special needs that each company or organization has across a variety of industries and sectors of the economy.