International Health Insurance QuoteChile is a South American country that occupies a long narrow strip of land along the Pacific Ocean. It is a country of natural beauty and contrasts. After a long period of dictatorship under General Pinochet, the country has experienced tremendous economic and democratic success. It is now known as one of South America’s most prosperous and stable countries and the population enjoys very good economic and sustainable development with improving development.

Healthcare in Chile

If you are moving in Chile, you will find public (FONASA) and private healthcare is available. You can experience very good medical treatment from excellent hospitals and clinics, especially in major cities such as Santiago and Valparaiso. Chile has a high standard of medical care with well-trained doctors and medical staff. You can even go directly to a specialist MD without a referral and it is very easy to find pharmacies

Colombia’s healthcare system is divided into two groups: The “contributivo” scheme for who pay for their healthcare plan with their own (and their employers’) money and people who get it subsidized with taxpayers’ pesos under the “subsidiado” scheme.  Columbia constitution views healthcare as a fundamental right and there has been a sharp rise in costs for private Chile expat insurance and government healthcare plans. To know about healthcare system in Chile check out our healthcare region page

Chile Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expats in Chile

It is important that expatriates not rely on state-run programs and purchase international health coverage that will provide private medical cover and access to medical care outside of Chile, especially since their plans won’t cover you outside of Chile. It is still a good idea for expats to obtain medical evacuation coverage as the costs to evacuate or repatriate can be very high.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Chile:

If you require a quote for Chile expat insurance, contact Expat Financial today for a quote. We can also source international health plans for local nationals in Chile. Please send along any relevant risk information that may be available.