Working and living abroad in any profession can be dangerous in high-risk countries such as UkraineNigeria or Iraq. War, Terrorism, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance are important to have in such high-risk regions. These possible hazards are hard to insure as such high-risk situations are unpredictable in their potential damage. Expat Financial can try to find a plan that covers you for all possible outcomes. Through our parent organization TFG Global, we are very experienced in covering employees operating in high-risk countries where civil strife, terrorism and even war are occurring. Some of the group expat benefit plans can provide coverage with no war or terrorism exclusions. We are also connected with our Lloyds of London underwriters in London who can search the market for war risk coverage for your employees posted in high risk zones. In today’s world, it makes sense to obtain war risk insurance.

Whether you are an independent individual or employed by an embassy, a news organization, a company or a Non-Government Organization (NGO), it is vital to have coverage and be prepared for many possibilities including:

Medical Insurance

Personal Accident

The potential damages and costs caused by acts of war, terrorism and kidnapping are high. These acts of human aggression can be difficult to insure because they can be hard to gauge and very unpredictable. Living abroad in a undeveloped country can be stressful and a country currently suffering from war is far worse. Contact Expat Financial today for a quote today.