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Healthcare Information For Expatriates by Region & Country

We have put together important information for expatriates residing in major cities around the world. It provides information on the domestic health insurance system and type of global healthcare is available to expatriates living there. Becoming an expatriate is difficult enough. Therefore, any information on the local healthcare and insurance options for expats living there is helpful. We compiled information by region and then listed local health information for the major countries. It covers most countries where most expatriates may find themselves. Please click on the region and then the country for useful information. We hope this will help you choose the right healthcare solution for you and your family members:

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Considerations for Choosing Global Healthcare in Expat Regions & Countries

If you are moving abroad, it is important to choose a global health plan that will cover you both in your new destination, but also in the region and back home as well. If you are an American expat, then it is a good idea to include the USA coverage option that most insurers offer. You have to remember that expat life means that you are probably going to be moving from one country or region to another. You have to consider if the hospitals in that new country are up to modern standards. Additionally, you have to find out if your plan will cover you there via their medical network. Most expat health plans will allow for free choice of medical doctors and hospitals but are more convenient to use the insurer’s network.

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Global Healthcare Solutions for Expat Employers in Any Region

If your company or organization is sending employees abroad for a long term work assignment, it is vital that your HR department meet its duty of care by providing adequate global healthcare coverage for your expat employees and their dependents. We recommend a plan that will provide excellent global medical care for treatment in hospitals, but also out-patient care, wellness, evacuation and dental.

We can also source and manage existing global benefit plans that provide a complete and comprehensive medical platform for your expatriate employees. The plans that we source can offer an easy to administer policy that can even cover pre-existing conditions, employee assistance, telehealth and much more. Contact us to have a free evaluation of your requirements, current coverage and obtain quotes from the market.

Health Preparations for Expatriates

Here are some links for expatriates interested in the health preparations that are recommended before going abroad: