International Health Insurance QuoteRomania is today the largest Balkan country, known for its mountainous topography, and spectacular coastline. After independence from the Soviet Union, Romania began a slow transition towards democracy and a market economy. Although the country is not particularly known for its tourism, many attractions do exist today, including Bran Castle, colloquially referred to as Dracula’s castle. The country still has a moderate level of corruption and the rule of law can sometimes be lacking. Know about the Romania expat insurance & healthcare.

Healthcare in Romania

The healthcare system in Romania is fairly developed compared to the rest of the world. There are adequate resources and hospitals available, but primarily within populated cities like Bucharest. There is some corruption in the medical system in Romania and some people have to pay bribes to obtain adequate care. Romania’s universal healthcare system is good for the local nationals, but expats will want to see international coverage and care.

Romania Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expatriates in Romania

If an expatriate is covered by the local system in Romania, there may be no need for international health coverage unless the expat wants to be able to seek medical treatment back home or abroad. Some firms will still place their expats under an expat health plan.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Romania:

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