healthcare for expats in Cameroon

International Health Insurance QuoteCameroon is a country rich in history and filled with a multitude of diverse cultures. Unfortunately, the country has also been struggling with rebuilding its economy after recent political uprisings. Cameroon also has a very high risk of violent crimes, kidnapping, and terrorism. In 2014, the terrorist group Boko Haram became a major threat in the region after kidnapping 276 female students to be sold into slavery. Kidnap and ransom coverage would also be ideal under these circumstances.

Healthcare in Cameroon

At the present time, Cameroon is also a resource-poor developing country with extremely limited medical facilities. It would be advisable for travelers and expatriates to invest in evacuation insurance. HIV/AIDS is still a big problem for the general population in Cameroon. Malaria is also a big cause of sickness in the country. Along with a shortage of medical professionals, the Cameroonian healthcare system continues to struggle.  Most expats will want to see medical care in the capital city Douala.
Expatriate Insurance for Cameroon

Plans for Expatriate Insurance for Cameroon

Expat Financial is a key resource for expatriates who reside in Cameroon or elsewhere in Africa. Because of the limited nature of the insurance system in the country, it is vital that any expatriates in the country contact our firm to discuss their insurance requirements. Expats in Cameroon will want to seek medical care outside the country for serious medical conditions.

Here is a list of different types of expatriate insurance for Cameroon you will want if you are planning to venture into Cameroon:

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