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Costa Rica, situated between Nicaragua and Panama in Central America, with a total 19,563 square miles in area. It has demonstrated environmental beauty by setting aside protected areas and national parks. Many plants and animal life can be found here, including 2,000 kinds of trees and 200 species of mammals.

The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose, settled within a highland valley. Costa Rica is continually becoming one of the most popular vacation and travel destinations in Central America. The climate in Costa Rica is mild and subtropical. Rainy seasons starts from May through November, while the dry season lasts from February to April.

Costa Rica expat guide

Healthcare in Costa Rica

Citizens and permanent residents enjoy universal health care in Costa Rica. The healthcare system in Costa Rica has been rated number one in Latin America. Both the private and public healthcare systems are kept being upgraded by introducing new machines, building new hospitals and improvement in staff and training.

Due to its location, however, there are many diseases in Costa Rica including Dengue Fever, Hepatitis A, etc. It is strongly suggested that expats should obtain a quality international health insurance plan before entering Costa Rica. This will give expats the flexibility to go to the private healthcare facilities or hospital of your choice so that you will always be able to receive the highest standard of care available.

Insurance for Expatriates in Costa Rica

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Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Costa Rica:

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