Dominican Republic resides next to Haiti on the Island of Hispaniola. This vibrant Caribbean country is a major tourist destination, especially for Americans and Canadians. The country is inhabited by mixed African and European peoples and unlike its neighbor has experienced rapid economic growth. However, there continues to be a large number poverty in the nation of 10 million mostly Spanish speaking people. The country also continues to draw expatriates from around the world, who enjoy the climate, culture and beaches. Crime can be an issue in the country for some expats, so caution is advised.

Healthcare in Dominican Republic

While the healthcare system in the Dominican Republic has been reformed and improved in the past decade, the medical services continues to be underfunded, inefficient and lacking especially by western standards. However, the level of medical treatment is significantly higher than what expats will find in Haiti and in quite a few other Caribbean countries. It is important that expatriates and travelers obtain the necessary vaccinations and avoid Malaria and other diseases.

Anyone venturing into Dominican Republic should obtain a global health or travel medical insurance plan that will cover medical treatment inside and outside of Haiti, especially in the United States. There are modern private clinics available in the major population centers such as Santo Domingo.

Insurance for Expatriates in Dominican Republic

Dominican health services are split into three tiers: one financed by employers and workers, another subsidized by the government and another from independent professionals and self-employed people that is subsidized by the state.

There is little insurance cover offered in the country to expats, so an expat health plan via Expat Financial is vital. Many travelers and expats who require serious medical treatment in Dominican Republic will want or need to travel to American, so make sure your medical plan covers the USA. Medical evacuation coverage for expats and tourists in Dominican Republic is essential as the level of medical care is lacking.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Dominican Republic:

Expat Financial can source international health insurance for select local nationals in Dominican Republic from one of select large global insurance companies we work with. If you require a quote for insurance coverage for expats in Dominican Republic, contact Expat Financial today for a quote and to discuss your Dominican health insurance requirements.