With car bombings and hidden al-Qaeda militants, Yemen is a country at high risk. Kidnapping is a potential hazard as al-Qaeda terrorists have attempted to take workers at oil companies and other businesses hostage previously. Embassies and their employees have also been targeted, forcing embassies to close down. Some nations have advised their respective expatriates to withdraw from Yemen.

Recently al-Qaeda militants have become increasingly hostile as the US government has been barraging their troops with drone strikes make Yemen expatriate insurance important. Al-Qaeda leaders have so far only made threats in retaliation. The economy in Yemen has been struggling lately because of the fall in oil prices and declining reserves.

Yemen expatriate insurance

Health Care in Yemen

The economic crises, instability, corruption and conflict has further degraded an already fragile health delivery system in Yemen. Yemen’s health status is one of the least developed in the world with only limited access to health care services, especially in rural areas. There are for profit and not for profit facilities in Yemen that expats and locals can access. Various NGOs and traditional medicine centers are active in the county. One hospital, the Saudi German Hospital, operates in the capital city of Sanaa. To know about healthcare system in Yemen check out our healthcare region page.

Yemen Expatriate Insurance Plans

There is almost no health insurance system in place for local nationals or expatriates in Yemen. If you are an expatriate living in Yemen, it is vital that you obtain a medical plan that will not only cover you in Yemen but also across the Gulf States and beyond. It is also a good idea to have an international health plan that will cover medical evacuation because of the limited capability of the local health system. A plan that does not exclude war or terrorism would also be advisable.

Expat Financial has a great deal of experience in covering expatriate employees in high-risk countries and  can help inform you of the possible hazards you may encounter while living in Yemen and ensure you buy all the necessary insurance plans, such as:

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