How to Immigrate to Canada

Generally speaking, Canada has one of the most positive immigration policies around the globe. Canada has a high standard of living, free in public education till Grade 12th, many job opportunities, supporting environment for entrepreneurs, etc…. We will discuss how to immigrant to Canada. For a detailed introduction, please visit the Government of Canada – Immigration and Citizenship site and also talk to your legal advisor as the information provided on this site is general in nature.

Bring International Health Insurance With You

If you plan to live and work in Canada for some time, it is strongly suggested that you should obtain quality expat health insurance. It can be very expensive for emergency treatment and medications in Canadian hospitals. It is critical that you purchase international health insurance plan that will not only cover you in Canada but globally as well – including back home. Once you are eligible for local healthcare under Canada’s comprehensive universal health care system, you may choose to cancel your global healthcare. The healthcare in Canada is organized and run by the provincial governments. Once you are covered by a provincial health plan, you can purchase an individual extended health plan via TFG Global.

Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance for expatriates of any nationality across the world. We also offer excellent service before and after you purchase your international health insurance plan. Our firm is also very experienced in sourcing group plans for multinational firms with expats in China.  If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or you want to discuss your unique needs and produce a customized expat quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.