10 Tips on Effective Management of Globally Mobile Employees

Many companies have been moving their services across the global sphere in recent years. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a noticeable shift in how companies operate globally. Despite all the challenges that come with it, growth is happening on the global front. Organizations are expanding across the globe. Read more

Becoming a Digital Nomad

Why Your Company Should Establish a Digital Nomad Policy

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a huge rise in the number of people becoming digital nomads as people were sent home from offices and decided to work from home abroad. As a result, it is critical for your HR team to establish a digital nomad policy. Read more

Increase in Expat Insurance Premiums

8 Things Global Nomads Need to Know about Expat Insurance

We understand that moving abroad is a big decision for global nomads. There will be lots involved in your move and many things that you will need to plan for becoming an expat. One of the most important items on your planning list should be your expat insurance needs.

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Retire Abroad

6 Global Healthcare Tips for Retired Expats

Retiring abroad is a decision that many people will choose to make later in life. There are many attractive options for those considering a move abroad for their retirement. Go through some global healthcare tips they will help expats in keeping themselves healthy.

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Digital nomads living abroad facing challenges.

Italy is Now Open for Digital Nomads

After a few months of speculation. Italy has finally approved the “digital nomad visa” for expatriates who want to move to Italy and work remotely. The law was recently signed in the country is going to allow more remote workers from outside the European Union.

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covering pre-existing medical conditions

Tips for Coping with a Medical Emergency in a Foreign Country

Deciding to move abroad is a big decision in anyone’s life. Regardless of whether they are looking to move for work, study, travel, or retirement. One question to keep in mind is, what happens if I get injured or become ill?

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Emergency Healthcare Abroad

Emergency Healthcare Abroad : What expats need to know

Moving country is an exciting time in your life as you decide to become an expat. There will be a lot of things you’ll need to make a note of as you get prepared for your move abroad and get ready for your expat move. One of the most important points to remember for any expat, regardless of where you are moving to, is your emergency healthcare abroad needs.

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Health Insurance Coverage

5 Ways Global Health Insurance Can Attract & Retain Expat Talent

For any company, looking after the health and well-being of your number one asset, your employees, should be a key priority. This is especially true for SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) as they seek to not only retain expat talent, their current staff members but also seek to attract new talent to their global workforce. Read more

digital nomad during the COVID-19 pandemic

6 Advantages of Being a Solo Expat

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, or just a change of pace, becoming an expat can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime. It takes courage to move your life across the world, especially as a solo expat, but you’ll find the sacrifices are well worth the rewards. Read more

become an expatriate overseas

5 Tips for Home Sharing for Expats

Shared housing is not for everyone, but is becoming a popular way for expatriates and international citizens these days. Homesharing is an alternative way for expats and non-expats alike to reduce their housing needs. It can provide a lot of benefits for expats.

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