Guatemala healthcare system

Guatemala Country Information

International Health Insurance QuoteGuatemala, situated in Central America, bordering the Pacific Ocean, neighbouring Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. Guatemala has a total of 42,042 square meters. The capital and largest city are Guatemala City.

Many expats may find the weather condition is wonderful in Guatemala, known as the “Country of Eternal Spring”. Guatemala has a rich culture and history, with tropical jungles, numerous mountains and rivers. Expats will have lots to explore in Guatemala.

Healthcare in Guatemala

Generally speaking, the healthcare system in Guatemala consists of three components: public, private for-profit and private non-profit sectors. The public healthcare system is administered by the Ministry of Public health and Social Welfare (MSPAS), which provides the largest number of healthcare facilities throughout the country.

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The public healthcare system is never free for all population. Therefore, the coverage of healthcare in Guatemala is low. Besides, the long waiting period in public hospitals, the shortage of basic medicines and equipment, brings about patients choose to go to private hospitals. Most of the medical staff in private hospitals can speak English. However, patients in these private hospitals are required to make payment prior to treatment. It is strongly recommended that expats purchase a comprehensive medical insurance plan before staying in Guatemala.

Insurance for Expatriates in Guatemala

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Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Guatemala:

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