Expat Financial has extensive experience in covering individual expatriates and their expat employers Africa Expat Insurancein Africa. We are a key resource for Africa expat insurance.

Expat Financial can even obtain insurance coverage for some local nationals in Africa, especially for travel and global medical coverage. We also work with large global insurance companies which can provide expatriate group insurance plans for foreign companies operating in many African countries. Africa is a vast and emerging economic zone with vibrant cultures, people and growing economies. We have an extensive list of hospitals in Africa that often treat expatriate clients. If you are residing in Africa, then Expat Financial is your one-stop resource for:

Insurance for Expats in Africa Region

If you are searching for an introductory list of hospitals in the African region, click here.

Challenges for Obtaining Africa Expat Insurance:

  • Limited coverage options in local markets – expatriates in Africa are often faced with the inability to source adequate health and life coverage from most countries in the region as plans are set up for local nationals.
  • Higher premiums – there is a risk perception from insurers that Africa is a riskier environment, and in actual reality, it is. Many African countries have limited medical facilities, instability, security and corruption concerns and a higher prevalence of severe diseases. Our company is used to dealing with expats in Africa and can source very competitive rates.
  • Local regulations – Some expats may face difficulties in ensuring that their insurance plans meet the necessary legal requirements, adding an extra layer of complication to the process.
  • Limited infrastructure – It is widely known that remote areas may lack proper medical facilities, making it crucial for expats to have insurance that covers medical evacuation. Obtaining African expat insurance that offers comprehensive coverage for such services may be challenging, but not for our firm.

Please click on one of the countries below for more information on what it’s like to live there, the healthcare system in Africa and the insurance plans that we can offer expatriates and even some local nationals living in Africa: