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Expatriate International Health Insurance Service Providers

Expat Financial is a leading provider of expat health insurance to expatriates around the world. Around the world, expatriates are demanding first-class international health coverage as local medical care and one’s domestic medical plan can’t cope with the medical needs of expats. For those working or living abroad, accessing quality healthcare at the right price and meeting one’s unique needs is a priority. Expat Financial can source expat health insurance from a variety of international carriers from the United States and Europe. We are specialists in providing international insurance solutions to expatriates and even some local nationals.

We are a fully independent broker who can provide a free quote and advice on international medical, health coverage, dental and evacuation insurance plans. We handle expatriate health insurance enquires from around the world and use the internet to provide prompt responses and service. We do not charge you a fee as we are compensated by the international carrier you choose.

Expatriate Health Insurance Providers:

We offer individual international health insurance from many different insurance providers such as:

Expat Financial offers the comprehensive Cigna Global Health Options plan for expatriates living abroad. The modular plan offers expats three levels of coverage – Silver, Gold and Platinum – and a range of deductible and coinsurance levels to meet almost any budget. The plan allows you to purchase just Hospital In-Patient coverage and then add out-patient modules, international medical evacuation, and international vision and dental. Cigna is a very large and well known global insurance company that can cover expats for life.

IMG provides the Global Medical Insurance plan for expatriates around much of the world. It is a flexible and long term plan that is annually renewable for the USA and non-US citizens living abroad. The plan is also available to some local nationals in most countries, but not in the USA. The plan offers four levels of coverage from basic to deluxe along with options for life insurance, dental, terrorism cover, maternity, and sports coverage. The plan offers two coverage areas: worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan.

We offer a very comprehensive global medical plan from Allianz that can provide high levels of global medical coverage for expatriates. Some budget solutions are available. It is ideally suited to expats who want international healthcare from a European based provider. The plan may be available to some local nationals outside of the USA and Canada.

The GeoBlue Xplorer Essential and Premier plans offer high levels of international health insurance coverage to American expatriates with a range of coverage and deductible options, including cover for the USA. It also offers access to GeoBlue’s extensive international medical provider network along with optional prescription, dental and vision cover. The plan may even be available to expats living in certain American states.

We also offer group expat health insurance plans from the above and other international carriers. A group benefits plan can provide your company with significant saving and ease of administration.

Contact us today for a review of your expatriate group insurance needs. Feel free to email us your requirements and census data, including any relevant details on your existing policy.