Lesotho expat insurance

The unique geographical region of Lesotho brings advantages and disadvantages to the country. Entirely landlocked by South Africa, Lesotho has access to two major networks of rivers, as well as a mountain range that has a prevalent diamond mine. Although Lesotho is relatively economically stable, it is far behind in terms of healthcare. As one of Africa’s highest rates of HIV, Lesotho doesn’t have the means for adequate healthcare to aid in such a crisis, as well as other medical illnesses. If deciding to relocate to Lesotho, it will be very important to obtain global healthcare insurance, as well as ensuring that you are covered for medical evacuation.

Healthcare in Lesotho

Expat Financial is a key resource for expatriates who reside in Lesotho or elsewhere in Africa. Because of the limited nature of the insurance system in the country, it is vital that any expatriates in the country contact our firm to discuss their insurance requirements. Expats in Lesotho will want to seek medical care outside the country for serious medical conditions.

Insurance options for Expatriates in Lesotho:

Here is a list of different types of Lesotho expat insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Lesotho:

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