International Health Insurance QuoteBermuda is a densely populated United Kingdom overseas territory on the western coast of the United States. The island is quite wealthy and is dominated by the offshore finance industry and heavily visited by tourists who visit the beautiful beaches. The island has been under British control since the 1700s. The capital city is Hamilton, where you find museums, shops, restaurants and historic buildings. There are several excellent hotels on the island and Bermuda is very popular with visitors from the UK and USA. The island is also very popular with expatriates.

Healthcare in Bermuda

Bermuda enjoys a high standard of living and as a result, the health of the inhabitants is quite good. Those obtaining medical care in Bermuda should have insurance coverage as medical facilities will want payment. Bermuda has one Accident and Emergency hospital, the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) located in Hamilton and is government owned and operated. There are also private clinics and adequate medical staff and doctors on the island. The cost of medical services is quite high. To know about healthcare system in Bermuda check out our healthcare region page.

Bermuda Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expat in Bermuda

There is no universal healthcare system on the island and residents are responsible for arranging medical coverage. Employers on the island must provide insurance cover and pay at least half the costs for their employees. If you want a comprehensive international health plan that will not only cover medical treatment in Bermuda but also outside of the island, it is key that expatriates contact Expat Financial to discuss their needs.

With the country’s closeness to the USA, it is also advisable to get a plan that covers medical treatment in the USA and Canada. Any serious medical injuries or illnesses may require medical treatment of the island, so medical evacuation coverage is essential. Most expats will seek medical treatment in New York if the services in Bermuda are not up to the task. For Bermuda expat insurance, our firm is your first stop.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Bermuda:

If you require a quote for Bermuda expat insurance coverage, contact Expat Financial today for a quote and to discuss your Bermudan insurance requirements.