Helsinki is the capital of Finland, with a population of 560 000 people. Located in a central point between St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Stockholm. The city was founded in 1550 and it has been the capital of Finland since 1812.

Helsinki Expat Guide:

1. Dining

The vibrant food culture and the diverse food-related events make Helsinki a fascinating culinary destination. Whether you’re interested in fine dining or street food Helsinki is a city for your taste.

2. Shopping

To get the most out of Helsinki shopping you have to know where and when to look – if you do, you can pick up things you’ll treasure for life. If you’re lucky enough to be on town on one of the days when a fashion or design fair is being held, you’ll pick up everything from handmade shoes to leather goods and designer appliances at heavily discounted prices.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare in Finland is mainly provided on the basis of residence and is primarily financed with general tax revenues. There are both public and private sector providers. The level of healthcare in Finland is excellent and expatriates will be able to obtain first-class medical care there.

4. Insurance for Expatriates in Helsinki

Most expatriates will want to obtain international medical coverage if residing in Helsinki. Medical evacuation is recommended along with a plan that provided global medical treatment. A plan that will provide reimbursement for medical expenses via a large network of hospitals is recommended. Many expats should also obtain global life and disability insurance coverage.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Helsinki:

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