Taiwan Expat Guide & Country Introduction

International Health Insurance QuoteTaiwan is located in East Asia. According to InterNations 2016 expat survey, Taiwan topped over 67 countries in the overall ranking. The island of Taiwan has a total area of 36,193 Km2 , with a marine tropical climate. Our Taiwan expat guide help expatriates to get necessary details they require while moving to the country.

Taiwan is a mountainous country, as well as many adventurous activities such as diving, surfing, and sailing. Also, the centres of Taiwan’s major cities have fancy nightlife. Night markets are very popular among local residents and expats.

Taiwan Expat Guide

Healthcare in Taiwan

Taiwan has quality and affordable healthcare for all citizens. With a government-funded healthcare card NHI, residence and expats can access to public medical facilities. However, due to the language barrier and long lineups, expat patients will want to visit private clinics that are designed for foreigners. They usually have English speaking medical staff. Expats will have to pay out of pocket. Therefore, it is important to obtain international health insurance before relocating to Taiwan. To know about healthcare system in Taiwan check out our healthcare region page.

Insurance for Expatriates in Taiwan

If you are an expatriate living in Taiwan, it is vital that you obtain adequate insurance coverage that will cover you locally, but also internationally. A local plan will generally only cover you for treatment in Taiwan, so most expats will obtain global medical coverage that provides portable insurance.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Taiwan:

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