After gaining independence from Yugoslavia, Slovenia has made marked steps towards improving its economy. Although it is a smaller central-European country, it has started to attract more eco-tourists with its natural features. Residents and visitors of Slovenia enjoy the Adriatic coastline, alpine mountains, thick forests and historic cities. More and more expats are moving to Slovenia.

Healthcare in Slovenia

The healthcare system in Slovenia is fairly developed compared to the rest of the world. Health insurance for local nationals in Slovenia is run by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. It provides compulsory health insurance to all qualifying citizens. There are adequate resources and hospitals available. Slovenia’s healthcare system is on par with most developed countries in the world. Doctors will ask for extra fees for their medical services. There are 36 health center across the country.

Slovenia Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expatriates in Slovenia

Expats immigrating to Slovenia without jobs must produce some proof of private health insurance in order to obtain their residence permit.

Here is a list of different types of Slovenia expat insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Slovenia:

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