International Health Insurance QuotePeru is a South American country with extraordinary scenery and culture that includes the lost city of Machu Picchu and capital city Lima. The nation is rich in natural minerals such as gold and copper. The country is a Spanish speaking country where the cost of living is quite low and offers a laid-back atmosphere. Most expatriates live in major city centres where there are lots of housing options. Note that Peru still has a great deal of poverty. Peru was one of the first South American countries to move away from a dictatorship to a democracy and the economy has improved since this transition.

Healthcare in Peru

Healthcare in the country of Peru is delivered by the government and also by the private sector. Much of the health insurance is provided by the public sector, but most expats will rely instead on private or group expatriate health plans.

Peru Expat Insurance

Peru has improved the quality of healthcare over the past 20 years, but problems exist, especially in rural areas. Also, the health system in Peru still lacks the necessary number of trained healthcare providers and sufficient funding to meet the needs of the public. Life expectancy has improved as well, but widespread poverty in rural areas does negatively affect health outcomes in the country. In cities like Lima, there are private hospitals clinics that can provide good care for expatriates, but many facilities will require up-front payment even if your medical insurer has the ability to pay directly. Many wealthy Peruvians and expatriates will want to make sure that they have a global medical and evacuation plan that will cover medical treatment abroad, especially in the United States.

Insurance Plans for Expat in Peru

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Peru:


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