Haiti was the first Black-led republic and independent state in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, the country has experienced decades of misrule, poverty, instability and dictatorship. The crime rate and violence in Haiti are extremely high so travellers and expats should take measures to avoid becoming a victim. Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010 and a Cholera outbreak that the nation is still trying to recover from. It’s capital city Port-au-Prince along with the rest of the nation is primarily French-speaking and the country is quite populous at 10 million inhabitants.

Healthcare in Haiti

The life expectancy for men in Haiti is just 61 as the country racked by poverty, neglect and disease despite many years of assistance from western countries. The 2010 quake made matters worse as medical infrastructure was devastated. There is basically little or no healthcare system in Haiti and is primarily delivered by NGOs such as MSF. Governments have not been able to deliver adequate healthcare for such a large population. To know about healthcare system in Haiti check out our healthcare region page.

Haiti Expat Insurance

Anyone venturing into Haiti should obtain a global healthcare plan that will cover medical treatment inside and outside of Haiti, especially in the United States.

Insurance for Expat in Haiti

There is little insurance cover offered in the country, so an expat health plan via Expat Financial is vital. Many travellers and expats who require serious medical treatment in Haiti will travel to the USA, so make sure your medical plan covers the USA and Canada. Medical evacuation coverage for Haiti is essential as the level of medical care is lacking.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Haiti:

Expat Financial can source international health insurance for select local nationals in Haiti from one of our large global insurance companies. If you require a quote for insurance coverage for expats in Haiti, contact Expat Financial today for a quote and to discuss your Haiti expat insurance requirements.