International Health Insurance QuoteThe Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is dead centre in what has been referred to as “Africa’s World War”. While a peace treaty was established in 2003, the eastern population still fears marauding militias and military. Since 2008 several coups have been attempted in the Eastern region of the country and the chaos has been spreading. The country has had its rich resources plundered by numerous nations in the conflict and the death toll has claimed roughly three million casualties. Expat Financial has had extensive experience in sourcing coverage for companies, NGOs and individuals operating in the DRC.

Healthcare System in the Democratic Republic of Congo Insurance

As you would expect, a nation with a history of conflict and extreme poverty has a health system that is not able to meet the needs of its population and especially for expatriates. Basic medical care can be sought in DRC, but expats should seek medical care outside the country for any serious illness or injury. Medical and even security evacuation cover is vital.


Insurance Plans for Expats in DRC

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Cameroon:

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