Havana, Cuba

International Health Insurance QuoteCuba is a large island just off the cost of the United States that has survived sanctions, invasions and civil strife for over 40 years. Since the fall of the Batista regime in 1959, Cuba has been ruled by Fidel Castro and now his brother. The communist government has allowed limited capitalist enterprises and has tried to encourage some foreign investment and tourism. The economy has been in decline for many years, but some hope that sanctions will be lifted in the near future.

If you are not an American citizen, Cuba can offer expatriates a great lifestyle, climate and beautiful beaches. The cost of living for expats will be much lower in Cuba than in many other Caribbean countries.

Healthcare in Cuba

Despite being a socialist country with a very shaky economy, healthcare in Cuba is actually very good. Cuba delivers excellent medical care to all its citizens on a universal government funded an equal basis. Cubans, as a result, enjoy one of the highest life expectancies in the region. In Cuba, all hospitals and doctors are part of the public system so private medical care is not available. Cuba actually exports its medical staff and expertise around the world.

Cuba expat insurance

If you are travelling to Cuba as a tourist or expatriate, you will be required to secure health cover that is valid for your stay in Cuba that is approved by the government. If you need to seek medical care in Cuba, the facilities will probably not be able to accept credit card payment for the services they render.

Insurance for Expat in Cuba

Cuba expat insuranceFor expatriates, it is vital that you obtain a global medical insurance plan from a non-US based expat insurer if you are going to reside in Cuba because the American insurer will most likely have difficulty covering you there or providing reimbursement for medical services because of the embargo restrictions. Your best expat health plan will be from one of our European or Canadian expat health insurance providers:

It is best to contact Expat Financial and request a travel medical insurance or expat health insurance plan that will is supplied by a Canadian or European insurance company that can cover you in Cuba. Some expatriates will want to obtain adequate evacuation and repatriation coverage if residing in Cuba. Because of the proximity to the USA, it is also advisable to obtain a plan that includes medical treatment in the United States.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Cuba:

Please contact us today if you or your organization required international insurance to cover you in Cuba.