Angola Expat Insurance

International Health Insurance QuoteOnce one of the world’s poorest countries, Angola has attracted a significant amount of foreign investors thanks to the oil and diamond industries. A civil spanning three decades (1975-2002), damaged much of the once fertile countryside. Even though the government has mostly reestablished law and order in the region –drafting a new constitution in 2010– there is still a strong separatist threat in the area.

Healthcare in Angola

Malaria and HIV are quite common in Angola and it is important that you get the proper vaccinations if you are going to travel or live there. If you are in a remote area, air evacuation will be required as the roads and local hospitals will not be satisfactory. Unfortunately, healthcare in Angola is well below Western standards so it is vital for expats and short term visitors have an Angola expat insurance plan that covers the inside and outside the country. Generally, most of the medical facilities are often found in Luanda, but the medical staff and up to date medical equipment is lacking. Many of the clinics and hospitals have improved in the past 10 years, but poor sanitation and resources mean that most expats will want to seem medical care in South Africa or Europe. Expat Financial can source international health plans for local nationals in some circumstances.

Angola Expat Insurance

Angola Expat Insurance Plans for Expatriates

If you reside in Angola, it is vital that you obtain adequate expatriate insurance coverage. This is especially important for expatriates and visitors to Angola.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to travel to Angola:

If you require a quote for Angola, contact Expat Financial today for a quote. We can quote global medical coverage for local nationals in Angola.