Healthcare System in Belgium

International Health Insurance QuoteBelgium is a highly developed country, with a stable government and numerous tourist facilities. Sharing borders with France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Belgium has three a diverse culture and historical relationships with the rest of Europe. Today there are still three official languages in Belgium that may change depending on where you reside. The capital of Belgium is Brussels.

Healthcare in Belgium

Although not all hospitals will have nurses and doctors who are fluent in English, Belgium’s healthcare system is on par with most other developed countries. Medical facilities and pharmacies are very well equipped and widely available. Although public healthcare system in Belgium that covers a part of the cost, it may not be available to visitors. Expats are encouraged to seek international medical coverage.

Belgium Expat Insurance

Insurance for Expat in Belgium

While some expatriates will seek to use the local health system, they are encouraged to obtain international health coverage if Belgium. Internationally mobile workers should try to purchase global insurance plans that will offer portable coverage, especially for health cover.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to become an expatriate in Belgium:

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