Turkey is a fascinating and diverse country that is a major power in the region. It straddles both Europe and the Arab world along the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Turkey has become a vibrant democracy that has tried to become more secular in its outlook while keeping touch with its Muslim past and present. Its capital city Istanbul is a historic city with a lot of history. Most expatriates will reside in the Capital or along the ocean. There have recently been some large terrorist attacks in Turkey so visitors and expats living there should exercise caution, especially in large crowds or near police or military installations.

Healthcare in Turkey

The quality and access to healthcare in Turkey depend on the region that one resides in. Expats will find that healthcare is quite good in the major city centers such as Ankara and Istanbul. There are some very good private hospitals that will cater to expatriates and wealthy local nationals, but government-funded facilities are generally not up to the standards that most Western expats would want to seek. It is highly recommended that expats in Turkey contact Expat Financial for a quote on international medical insurance coverage, which is a necessity in the nation. Medical repatriation coverage is also advisable.

Turkey Expatriate Insurance

Insurance Plans for Expatriates in Turkey

Expat Financial can source coverage for expatriates in Turkey. We can also source global benefit plans for companies with expatriate employees in Turkey and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Turkey:

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