Expat Financial offers a variety of international medical evacuation insurance plans to individual expats and employers around much of the world. We can source medical evacuation insurance and agreements from a variety of evacuation providers which have the resources, experience and capabilities that are required to assist your employees in need.

Types of Medical Evacuation Insurance Plans Offered

Evacuation Insurance Plans

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Why is Medical Evacuation Important?

If your employee is being posted abroad to a country with limited heath care systems or properly trained medical personnel, the care that is delivered there may be not be up to standards and may put your employee at risk. A medical evacuation plan should be insured as the costs of a medical evacuation can be in the many thousands of dollars or even above $100K.

Should I Buy Medical Evacuation Coverage?

The short answer is almost always yes. A medical evacuation plan should be part of any global benefit plan or business travel insurance policy. The cost can be quite inexpensive if purchased on a group basis for your international employees or those on short assignments abroad.

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