International group insurance plans

We offer a wide range of international group insurance plans for companies which post employees overseas. If your company is sending employees abroad, then you should contact Expat Financial for an analysis and quote from the marketplace. We represent a variety of international group insurance carriers based in the United States and Europe. One such provider is Aetna Global Benefits.

Operating a multinational organization is more common these days with increased globalization around the globe. Sending an employee overseas is a major investment in company resources and it makes sense to protect that employee and the company. Expat Financial offers international group insurance plans which can provide a global insurance solution for your employee benefit requirements. We can source global insurance plans for multinational companies, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, international schools and many other entities. We can also work with clients with employees in high risk zones.

Expat Financial can offer the following international group insurance benefits from several global insurance carriers:

International group insurance plans can provide significant savings over individual plans because of the spreading of the risk among several people. Some international group insurance plans can also provide international health insurance and life insurance without any medical questions at time of application. Many plans also offer full maternity and pre-existing medical conditions coverage, which is very difficult to obtain under an individual plan.

We act as international insurance brokers who can search the market place after determining your requirements and needs. We usually offer one to three different insurance company solutions to a new client. Our company can also service existing global group insurance plans that you may have in place now.

Expat Financial also works with existing clients in the event of a claims or administration problem and also at renewal to determine if the group insurance plan is still meeting your needs. Contact us today for a review of your international group insurance needs. Feel free to email us your requirements and census data, including any relevant details on your existing policy. We will then contact you to review your requirements, provide quotes from the market and our analysis.