iraq insurance

Global Insurance Coverage for Iraq

Expat Financial has been working with foreign companies and individuals operating in Iraq since 2004. We have helped NGOs, multinationals and security companies with operations in Iraq source cost-effective Iraq insurance plans that meet the extremely challenging environment. As a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd, Expat Financial has access to the global insurance market which can provide plans that can cover the changing risks in a volatile, but expanding business sector with limitless opportunities for companies involved in infrastructure, oil and gas and other business and development work.


Healthcare System in Iraq

The healthcare system in Iraq varies widely depending on which region you are residing in. In Kurdistan, the availability and quality of quality healthcare given the region are quite good. In Baghdad, any expatriates residing there will want to obtain healthcare in a private facility that has very high-security precautions. In the South, there are some high-end Western run clinics that cater to expat health needs. Most expats living in Iraq will want to obtain medical assistance outside in Iraq, most likely in Europe or the UAE.

iraq insurance

Iraq Insurance Plans Available

We are able to source Iraq insurance plans that include war and terrorism coverage that is essential for any foreign company or individual operating in Iraq today. Our underwriters in London are very experienced Lloyds of London underwriters who will shop your risk to the various syndicates and report back with the best possible quote. We are also able to source group plans which can include coverage for war and terrorism. Such coverage is critical in Iraq because of the very high incidence of terrorism, especially in Baghdad. Our firm is very experienced in covering people working and living in Iraq.

Insurance Coverage for Iraq

Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture into Iraq:

Please contact us today to review your Iraqi insurance needs. After we obtain a detailed risk analysis, we will then report back to you with quotes from the market.