International Hospitals in Africa

Hospitals that Serve Expatriates Living in Africa

The African region is home to a multitude of different countries. Each country has its own unique healthcare system, and therefore we advise obtaining healthcare coverage while being in the African region. If however, due to unforeseen circumstances, you require medical assistance,  we have come up with an introductory list of hospitals in each country. There are far more hospitals and clinics available, this is simply a starting guideline to aid you in your search. It is important to contact your insurance provider as soon as you reach the hospital, if not earlier. It is also vital that you obtain a quote for a  global health policy that can cover you and your family in Africa.

International Hospitals in Africa

Hospitals in Algeria

Clinique Chahrazed

r. 4 Lot Allioua Fodil, Alger

Phone: +213-21-36-85-57

Medilink International

Shara Hassi Messaoud,

Hassi Messaoud


Hospitals in Angola

Climed Servicos de Saude

Alameda Principe Real 65/67, Luanda

Phone: +244-926-57-8956

Luanda Medical Center talatona

Via S7A Candado, Luanda

Phone: +244-931-521-816


Hospital Do Gamek – Estrada de Viana km9, Luanda

Hospitals in Benin

Centre Medical Avicennes

Route de Porto Novo, Cotonou

Phones: + 229-21-32-19-91

Clinique Notre Dame

Carre 926 Sike Rue Cadmes 03, Cotonou

Polyclinique Les Cocotiers

Residence “les Cocotiers” Haie Vive, Cotonou

Hospitals in Botswana

Bokamoso Private Hospital

Plot 4769, Block 1, Along Molepolole Road, Gaborone

Hospitals in Brazzaville

Clinique Guenin

109 Av Agostino Neto, Pointe Noire

Clinique medicale Les manguiers

643 Rue Mayombe Playeau des 15 ans, Brazzaville’

Clinique Medicale Securex

33, Avenue Amilcar Cabral Centre ville, Brazzaville

Phone: +242-06-610-28-28

Hospitals in Burkina

Centre Medical International

Nazi Boni, Ouagadougou

Clinique la grace ORL Tanga

753 rue sipalog samde, secteur 9, Ouagadougou

Phone: +226-25-43-5617

Clinique notre dame de la paix

Rue nr 25.01, Ouagadougou

Phone: +226-25-35-8080

Polyclinique Internationale Ouagadougou

Avenue Pascale, Ouagadougou


Hospitals in Burundi

Centre medical Don Cesar

Ngozi Center, Ngozi

Phone: +257-302-191

Centre Medico Chirurgical de Kinindo

Blvd. Mwezi Gisabo 2, Bujumbura

Phone: +257-222-43-429

Polyclinique St Marc

Avenue Moso 5, Bujumbura

Hospitals in Cameroon

Clinique de l’Aeroport

Rue Meteo-Bonapriso, Doula

Phone: +237-696-71-71-71

Clinique le Metropolitain

Ancien Depot Guinness, Doula

Phone: +237-677-72-3603

Fondation Medicale Andre Fouda


Phone: +237-699-706-690

Hospitals in Cape Verde


Avenida dos Hoteis, Santa Maria


Largo de Europa Achada do Sto Antonio, Praia

Phone: +238-99-79-648

Praia clínica

Cha de Areia 415-C, Praia

Phone: +238-261-3062

Hospitals in the Central African Republic

Cabinet Medical Hibiscus


Phone: +236-21-61-52-77

Hospitals in Chad

Clinique Internationale Sante pour tous

Croissement avenue 10, N’Djamena

Phone: +235-92-45-10-70

Hôpital moderne de la renaissance

Quartier N’Djari, N’Djamena

Phone: +235-22-53-20-90

Hospitals in Comoros

Clinique Salama

Coulée de lave, Moroni

Phone: +269-77-33-022

Hospitals in Côte d’Ivoire

Clinique la providence

16, toure du Lycee technique, Abidjan

Phone: +225-22-44-9586

Institut Coeur de Grace

198 Logement Lot #156, Abidjan

Phone: +225-224-89898

Nouvelle Polyclinique les Graces

zone 4c rue Marconi, Abidjan

Phone: +225-21-75-15-95

Polyclinique Internationale de l’indenie

4 boulevard de l’Indenie, Abidjan

Phone: +225-20-21-5353

Hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Centre Hospitalier Nganda

Avenue haute Tension 3816, Kinshasa

Phone: +243-897-000-139

New Medicis Clinic

Av. Tombalbaye #1356, Kinshasa

Phone: +243-844-688-696

Polyclinique Espoir Medical

1287, avenue du 30 juin, Lubumbashi

Polyclinique Maison Medicale

MGR Fataki 23 Commune Makiso, Kisangani

Polyclinique Saint Luc

Av des chutes 863, Lubumbashi

Phone: +243-811-853-745

Hospitals in Djibouti

Clinique Affi

Route Saline Ouest

Phone: +253-21-357-474

Polyclinique de Djibouti

Place Lagarde

Hospitals in Egypt

International Medical Center

km42 Ismailia Desert road, Cairo

Phone: +20-2-2477-5902

Misr International Hospital

12 El Saraya St, Cairo

The German Hospital

Abdel Salam Aref St, Alexandria

Phone: +20-1-06-552-1111

Hospitals in Eritrea

Orota Referral Hospital


Phone: +291-1-127-762

Hospitals in Eswatini

Ezulwini Private hospital

Mantenga Estate, Mbabane

Phone: +268-416-2381

The clinic – Manzini Private hospital

Lgaganeni road, Manzini

Phone: +268-2505-7430

The clinic – Mbabane clinic private hospital

St Michael Street, Mbabane

Phone: +268-2404-2423

Women and children Hospital

Kelly Street, Manzini

Hospitals in Ethiopia

Bethzatha general hospital

Kebele 15/16 House 363-365

Phone: +251-11-551-4141

Girum General Hospital

Guelele District

Phone: +251-11-275-7676

Nordic medical center

Bole Sub City

Phone: +251-929-105-653

Washington Medical center

Bole, in front of Rwanda embassy # 692

Hospitals in Gabon

Polyclinique El-Rapha

Boulevard Quaben , Libreville


Polyclinique Privée de Libreville

Montagne SAinte, Rue Alsace-Lorraine 902, Libreville

Phone: +241-01-761-468

Hospitals in the Gambia

Bafrow medical center

Junction of Mosque road and Serrekunda, Sara Kunda

Bijilo Medical center

Off Senegambia highway, Bijilo

Phone: +220-6-66-5555

Hospitals in Ghana

C&J medicare hospital

#608/4 Jones Nelson Road, Accra

Phone: +233-303-40-0051

Egon germna hospital

#108 Yiyiwa Drive, Accra

Phone: +233-24-421-8238

Euracare Advanced Diagnostics

24 Peter Ala Adjetey Ave, Accra

Phone: +233-500-80-9025

Lapaz Community hospital

3rd Dzani Kofi Street, Accra

Phone: +233-302-41-4167

Nyaho Medical clinic

35 aviation road, Accra


Hospitals in Guinea

Clinique Ambroise Pare

Camayenne Corniche Nord, Conakry

Phone: +224-63-35-1558

Clinique Pasteur

Quartier Manquepas Commune du Kaloum, Conakry

Phone: +224-60-33-7530

Hopital Anaim de Kamsar

Port Kamsar

Phone: +224-622-441-159

Hospitals in Guinea-Bissau

Clinica Madrugada

Bairro De Antula Bono, Bissau

Hospital Pediatrico Sao Jose em Bor

Vila de Bor, Prabis

Phone: +245-95-513-3692

Hospitals in Kenya

Afya royal Clinics

Uchumi Ngong Hyper, Nairobi

Alliance Medical Center

Mabruk House, Garissa

Phone: +254-734-60-7017

Metropolitan Hospital

Rabai Road, Nairobi

Phone: + 254-20-78-1730

Premier hospital

Links road, Nyali, Mombasa


St James Hospital

Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Phone: +254-20-60-6060

The Nairobi Hospital

Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi

Phone: +254-20-28-4-5000

Hospitals in Lesotho

Maseru Private hospital

Thetsane West Are P/bag A58, Maseru


Phomolong Medical Center

Thetsane, Maseru

Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital


Phone: +266-2222-0000

Hospitals in Liberia

Mawah medical clinic

Coneh yard, Vai town, Monrovia

St Joseph’s Catholic Hospital

Oldest Congo town, Monrovia

Phone: +231-886-736-888

The ELWA Hospital

Radio Village, Monrovia


Hospitals in Lybia

Al-Afia Clinic

Gassre Ben Geshier, Tripoli

Phone: +218-21-563-3051

Assafwa Hopsital

First ring road, Benghazi

Phone: +218-61-224-041

Medilink International Emergency Care Clinic

Shara Hassi Messaoud, Tripoli


Hospitals in Madagascar

Care and medical assistance hospital

Immeuble Ostie 1st floor, Antananarivo

Phone: +261-20-226-5637

Marie Stopes Fianarantsoa Manakara

lot 5 GT 283 maroakely, Fianarantisoa

Phone: +261-32-028-4094

Marie Stopes Mahajanga Antsohihy

Lot 160C Ankirihiry, Mahajanga

Phone: +261-34-039-4534

Maries Stopes Toamasina Tanambao

53, Bd D’andevoranto, Toamasina

Phone: +261-53-3-1805

Hospitals in Malawi

City Center Clinic

Presidential highway plot 17 area 14, Lilongwe

Phone: +265-177-2154

Spring valley private hospital

Mphonongo, Lilongwe

Phone: +265-992-97-6085

St Lukes Hospital

Malosa Zomba District, Zomba

Phone: +265-153-9247

ZMK Medical Center

ARE 9/363, Lilongwe


Hospitals in Mali

Clinique Brigo

Rue 24 door 60 Darsalam, Kita

Phone: +223-6574-4517

Clinique Medicale El Shaddai

Niarela Sud, Bamako

Phone: +223-66-73-02-15

Clinique Sinka

Rue 404, Door 2873 Hamdallaye, Sikasso

Phone: +223-66-79-0765

United Nations Clinic

Building Badala, Bamako

Phone: +223-6675-8321

Hospitals in Mauritania

Clinique El Menar

lot c 293 Tevragh Zeina, Nouakchott

Phone: +222-000-0681

Clinique Kissi

llota Tevragh Zeina 743, Nouakchott

Phone: +222-4529-2727

Hospitals in Mauritius

Clinique du Nord

81, Royal road, Tombeau bay

Phone: +230-247-1056

Welkin Hospital

Royal road Moka, Quartier Militaire

Phone: +230-605-1000

Hospitals in Morocco

Clinique des nations unies

Avenue des Nations Unies rue lbn Hanbal Agdal, Rabat

Phone: +212-5-3767-0505

Clinique des princes

14, Rue Omar Slaoui, Casablanca

Phone: +212-22-227-5250

Clinique lbn Tofail

Rue lbn Abdelmalik Gueliz, Marrakech

Phone: +212-4-43-8718

Polyclinique de Rabat

8, rue de tunis Quartier Hassan, Rabat

Phone: +212-5-3720-6161

Hospitals in Mozambique

Centro Medico la Esperanza

Av. Independencia 17, Tete

Centro medico santa Victoria Quelimane

Primeiro Bairro Av. 7 de Setembro, Quelimane

Phone: +285-847-000-700

Clinicare – Clinica Privada de Maputo

Rua Angelo Azarias Chichava, Maputo

Phone: +285-82-30-667-95

Clinica MMQ

Rua Alfredo Lawley Talhao, Beira

Phone: +285-866-409-556

Nacala Health Care

Rua Principale, Nacala

Phone: +285-84-911-0110

Hospitals in Namibia

Lady Pohamba Private hospital

Corner of France Frederiacs & Umbika Str., Windhoek

Phone: +264-61-083-335-9016

Rhino Park Private Hospital

Rhino Street in Rhino Park, Windhoek

Phone: +264-61-37-5014

Roman Catholic Hospital

Karl Werner List Street 92, Windhoek

Hospitals in Niger

Clinique de la Paix

Avenue Maurice Pelens Quartier Yantala, Niamey

Phone: +227-20-350-622

Hôpital National Niamey

Place Nelson Mandela, Niamey

Phone: +227-20-722-253

Nouvelle Polyclinique Pro-Sante

Avenue generale de Gaulle 10, Niamey

Phone: +227-9696-3035

Hospitals in Nigeria

Atlantic medical hospital

8ª Bose enenmoh, Lagos

Phone: +234-70-401-077-49

Citizens medical centre

86 norman Williams street, Lagos

Phone: +234-1-269-426-1

Gold Cross Hospital

17B Bourdillion Avenue, Lagos

First Rivers Hospital

7/9 Old Aba Road Akure, Port Harcourt

The rock hospital

78B Ihama Road GRA, Benin City

Phone: +234-80-664-434-83

Hospitals in Rwanda

BAHO international Hospital

KN 40 Street, Kigali

Centre Medical Baho

KN 4 Av 36, Kigali

Hôpital la croix du sud

Croix du Sud Bouldevard de l’Umuganda, Kigali

Phone: +250-78-877-2339

Minas Medical Center

Street K693 Gasabo Dist, Kigali

Phone: +250-78-311-0153

Hospitals in Sao Tome & Principe

Hospitals in Senegal

Clinique de la Madeleine

18 avenue des Jambaars, Dakar

Phone: +221-338-899-454

Clinique la croix bleue

Rue 13 x P Castors, Dakar

Phone: +221-338-245-032

Hôpital Principal de Dakar

1 Avenue Nelson Mandela, Dakar

Phone: +221-338-395-088

Hospitals in Seychelles

Hospitals in Sierra Leone

Aspen Medical Sierra Leone

11ª King Harman Road, Freetown

Phone: +232-995-00-800

Hospitals in Somalia

Hargeisa Canadian Medical Center

Berbera Road, Hargeisa

Phone: +252-2-471-6888

Mogadishu city hospital

Lenan Street 002, Mogadishu

Hospitals in South Africa

HMH Hillcrest Private Hopsital

471 Kassier Road, Durban

Phone: +27-31-768-2004

Mediclinic medforum

412 Francis Baard Street Sunnyside, Johannesburg

Phone: +27-12-8-096-500

Netcare union hospital


Phone: +27-11-7-242-000

Netcare Unitas Hospital

Clifton avenue lytlelton, Pretoria

Phone: +27-12-6-778-000

Vincent Pallotti Hospital

Alexandra Road, Pinelands, Cape town

Phone: +27-215-06-51-11

Hospitals in South Sudan

Aspen medical south sudan

Aspen compound, Juba

Phone: +211-916-097-531

Care plus international medical center

Block 3K South Thongping, Juba

Phone: +211-925-371-599

Greenworld Medical Center

Aweil Town, Juba

Phone: +211-955-061-987

St Lukes International Medical Clinic

Haijalaba Street, Juba

Phone: +211-955-711-580

Victorious Medical Center

Bors Hotel, Riverside, Juba

Hospitals in Tanzania

Mac-Ren Medical Clinic

Lumumba Road, Kigoma

Phone: +255-737-217-999

Saint Thomas Health Centre

Bondeni Arusha by night Swahili, Arusha

Phone: +744-380-200

Sali international Hospital

Yacht club Road, Dar Es Salaam

The Aga Khan Health Centre Arusha

Seth Benjamin-street, Arusha

Phone: +255-655-231-233

The London Health Center

Plot 221A Kimweri Avenue, Dar Es Salaam

Phone: +255-762-542-542

Hospitals in Togo

Clinique de l’aeroport

16, rue de fazao sito aeroport

Phone: +228-2226-9012

Clinique de l’union

56, Rue kegbeyah

Phone: +228-22-21-77-13

Clinique Santé pour tous

Angle Boulevard Jean Paul

Phone: +228-22-26-75-40

Hospitals in Tunisia

Clinique de Tunis: International medical services

1 rue 7151 El manar 1, Tunis

Phone: +216-71-87-5000

Myron International Clinic

De la Feuille d’érable, Tunis

Polyclinique la Corniche

1, boulevard Mongi Bali, Sousse

Hospitals in Uganda

International Hospital Kampala

Plot 4686 St Barnubar Rd, Kampala

Phone: +256-712-200-400

Mulago Hospital Private wing

Mulago Hill Road, Kampala

Phone: +256-414-554-001

Owen medical centre

Eneku road, Soroti

Phone: +256-712-801-147

Paragon Hospital

6A/7A Luthuli 5th, Kampala

Phone: +256-772-589-610

Victoria Medical Services

24 Gowers Road, Entebbe

Phone: +256-772-449-377

Hospitals in Zambia

Care for the business medical centre

Plot 4192 Addis Ababa Drive, Lusaka

Phone: +260-211-252-917

CMC – Corpmed medical centre

Cairo Road, plot # 3236, Lusaka

Phone: +260-1-236-643

Fairview Hospital

Stand 30079, Center Church & Chilubi road, Lusaka

Phone: +260-211-37-3000

Livingstone general hospital

Akapelwa Street, Livingstone

Phone: +260-332-1436

Victoria Hospital

Plot 5498 Lunsemfwa Road, Lusaka

Hospitals in Zimbabwe

Healthpoint Hospital

15 Lanark Road Belgravia, Harare

Phone: +263-4-700-666

Metropolitan Clinic

82 George Silundika Avenue, Harare

Phone: +263-4-702-428

PSMI Chiredzi Private hospital

93 Lion Drive, Chiredzi

Phone: +263-31-2773

PSMI Claybank Private Hospital

792 Claybank road, Gweru

Phone: +263-4-251-726

PSMI West end private hospital

14 Baines Avenue Avondale, Harare

Phone: +263-4-251-726


Obtaining Global Medical Care and Insurance Coverage

We have put together a listing of the major hospitals and clinics by region for expatriates and international travellers. Note that we do not list all the hospitals and doctors that are available to expats, just a listing of up to five hospitals per country. In some countries where there are simply hundreds or thousands of hospitals and clinics, we will refer you to your international health insurance provider, embassy list or recommend a Google search. Note that we do not recommend or vouch for these medical clinics or hospitals, but are only providing a partial list of a few key medical centres that we have gathered to assist people living abroad. We strongly recommend that everyone follow their doctor’s advice and not delay obtaining medical assistance.