William Russel Health Plan

The William Russell Global Health insurance plans are designed for expatriates and international citizens.

Obtaining international health insurance when planning to live abroad or if you have already made the jump as a global nomad or expatriate. Global citizens buy international health insurance because they want a lifeline and safety net for obtaining medical care for both in-patient and out-patient care, but also preventative coverage, dental, vision and much more. William Russell is a UK-based company that was formed back in 1992 to provide international health insurance to individual expatriates in 160 countries. The plans are underwritten by AWP Health and Life SA, which is part of the Allianz group of companies – a very well-known and secure global insurer.

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Why Choose the William Russell International Medical Plan?

  • Extensive medical network with over 40,000 medical centers around the globe – direct medical reimbursement where available
  • Attractive premiums and rates
  • Flexible coverage with a variety of coverage levels and deductible options
  • No call centres and 15% off for new members – 15% discount applied to all new health insurance plans starting on or before 31 December 2021, with 7.5% off your renewal premium. Terms & conditions apply.
  • Maternity under the Gold plan only with a 12-month waiting period
  • Dental is an option on all plans except the Bronze plan and included in the Gold plan
  • Covid coverage & cancer care
  • Coverage is available up to and including age 75. Most importantly, once you’re on cover you can renew your plan for as long as you need it—even if your health declines
  • Flexible underwriting – you can choose from fully medical underwriting OR on a medical moratorium basis.
  • 24/7 emergency service and support
  • You get Expat Financial’s support & service before and after you apply with ZERO impact on rates!
  • Coverage for mental health

How do William Russell Health Plans Work?

William Russell Limited

What we really like about the William Russell global health coverage is that you can choose from entry-level, mid-range or deluxe coverage options that can meet most global nomad’s needs and budget. There are three main coverage levels:

  • Bronze – An affordable plan with the privacy of a private room during hospital stays
  • SilverLife – A low-cost plan with shared rooms during hospital stays and limited cover for out-patient treatment
  • Silver – Comprehensive cover for out-patient treatment and a private room during hospital stays
  • Gold – The most comprehensive plan for people wanting the highest & widest levels of cover

William Russell Areas of Coverage Options

This global health provider has two main areas of coverage, which are the geographic or territorial limits of your plan. This specifies in which countries you’re covered and which countries you’re not.

  • With Zone 2, you’ll have full coverage in your destination country and most other countries, with the freedom to access the best hospitals and doctors. In certain countries where the cost of private healthcare is high (eg China, Singapore), your cover will be limited to accident & emergency treatment up to US$100,000. There is no cover at all in the USA.
  • Once you’ve selected a health plan to personalize, you can choose Zone 1, which gives you full cover worldwide including the USA.

William Russell Plan Details

When you buy international health insurance, it always makes sense to read the fine print. You will be provided links to the fine print both before and after you apply online, but we have some links below that will give you a full picture of what this global health care can do. Make sure that you understand that no global health insurance can cover everything and like all global insurers, there are some countries where they can’t cover you. Also, this plan is for expatriates only and when you return home permanently or if you spend more than 180 days in your country of citizenship, the coverage will not renew.

William Russell Global Health Plan Brochure

William Russell Health Plan Terms & Conditions

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Please read the plan terms and conditions carefully before applying. Contact us for more information!